The Right and Capacity of the People to judge of Government.

This topic is completely relevant to this present day!

The Right and Capacity of the People to judge of Government.

Thomas Gordon, Cato’s Letters, no. 38

22 July 1721

Modernized by Tom Niewulis

This is one of over 100 letters written by Gordon and Trenchard. It may seem long for the rules of a blog post but it is amazing how the issues of human kind and governance do not change – Unless the rule of law and a fundamental morality is followed. Even with the principles of the Judeo-Christian ethic explicit during this time, if those that govern do not have the core of their being established in these principles then the “long Maze Mistakes” will occur and surly even today, “People are generally taught not to think of them at all, or to think wrong of them”. With that:

The World has, from Time to Time, been led into such a long Maze of Mistakes, by those who gained by deceiving, that whoever would instruct Mankind, must begin with removing their Errors; and if they were every where honestly apprized of Truth, and restored to their Senses, there would not remain one Nation of Bigots or Slaves under the Sun: A Happiness always to be wished, but never expected! (more…)

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