Continued Parallels in Time…. Treachery, Conspiracy & Nepotism

You moderns have nothing over us, regarding all that we were challenged with!  In fact, You have many of the exact same core issues that we dealt with.  There have always been those devising plans to enslave there fellow man.  Constitutional self-governance is suppose to squelch this but as both the Federalist and Anti-federalist argued, it would require men of Christian morals and values to hold true to the fundamental purposes of governance, else treachery, conspiracy and nepotism would overcome the Rights of the Citizens.  An ever watchful Citizenry is required where as, the majority of you moderns are lulled to complacency and easy of entertainment.

You must come to the honest realization that mankind is of the same nature in your time as in mine regarding lust, self-interest, power-hunger and more characteristics that are inherently bent toward evil; to think that mankind is constantly improving for good and inherently good is to fool yourselves.  You have not proven that humanism and what we called utopianism – which is your Fabian socialist/Marxist ideologies have ever worked. You do not have an understanding of the real nature of humans as we clearly did through our Puritan, Protestant and Reformation Biblical worldview.  We approached our perspective of self-governance from the fundamental Truths that mankind cannot be trusted in and of themselves.  Writers like Knox and Rutherford challenged rulers to act according to principles of good governance, especially Biblical principles that govern the inner intentions and hearts of mankind.

With that, we will look at the corruption in bureaucratic governance, just as you too are experiencing at your present time.  (all emphasis added by the modern composer.)


BOSTON April 19 1771.[i]


Your Letter of the 31 Decr which I receivd by Cap Scott a few days past affords me great Satisfaction; especially as it promises a Correspondence which I dare say will be carried on with an Openness & Sincerity becoming those who are anxiously concernd for the publick Liberty at so alarming a Crisis.[ii] Perhaps there never was a time when the political Affairs of America were in a more dangerous State; Such is the Indolence (wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy.) of Men in general, or their Inattention to the real Importance of things, that a steady & animated perseverance in the rugged path of Virtue at the hazard of trifles (a thing of little value or importance) is hardly to be expected. The Generality (the majority) are necessarily engaged in Application to private Business for the Support of their own families and when at a lucky Season the publick are awakened to a Sense of Danger, & a manly resentment is enkindled, it is difficult, for so many separate Communities as there are in all the Colonies (individual States), to agree in one consistent plan of Opposition while those who are the appointed Instruments of Oppression (the bureaucrats as in the IRS, EPA and other agencies not established directly in the Constitution), have all the Means put into their hands, of applying to the passions of Men & availing themselves of the Necessities of some, the Vanity of others & the timidity of all.

I have long thought that a Design has been on foot to render ineffectual the Democratical part of this Government, even before the province was cursed with the Appointment of Bernard (federal and bureaucrats loyal to statist, power mongers and Fabian ideologies), and so unguarded have the people been in former times, so careless in the Choice of their representatives as to send too many who either through Ignorance or Wickedness have favored that Design. Of late the lower house of Assembly (republican house of representatives and the Liberty Caucus) have been more sensible of this Danger & supported in some Measure their own Weight, which has alarmd the Conspirators and been in my opinion the true Source of Bernards Complaint (the present administration and bureaucrats) against them as having set up a faction against the Kings Authority (The President). The 4 Judges of the Supreme Court, the Secretary (of State) & the Kings Attourny (Attorney General) who had been Councellors were left out at the annual Election in 1766 (But fully included in your present time as are the unelected czars); (in the 20th & 21st centuries, the equivalent action would be at the local/state level as well as if the Senate refused to confirm any justices or agency heads.  This would cause great issue for the executive branch in the federal system of modern times); this gave great offence to the Govr, and was followd with two Speeches to both Houses perhaps as infamous & irritating as ever came from a Stuart to the English parliamt.[iii] (in modern times, most often the liberal/socialist leaning legislators as the supporters of big government and control over the people.  These self-seeking and self-promoting supporters of tyranny and despotism are the ones that give speeches that sound nice but are full of vile corruptions at the core.) Happy indeed it was for the Province (Massachusetts) that such a Man was at the Head of it, for it occasiond such a Jealousy & Watchfulness in the people as prevented their immediate & total Ruin. (The people must have an understanding of true liberty so that when the politicians and bureaucrats spew their sooth saying tyranny, the watchful rise up and call them what they are: liars, tyrants and thieves of the peoples wellbeing and resources.

The plan however is still carried on tho in a Manner some what different; (even in modern times there continues to be a plan to enslave America.) and that is by making the Governor altogether independent of the People for his Support (this has not happened in your modern times but you have bureaucratic agencies that trample the rights of the Citizenry); this is depriving the House of Representatives of the only Check they have upon him (and the agencies like the EPA, IRS, DHS and other) & must consequently render them the Objects of the Contempt of a Corrupt Administration. Thus the peoples Money being first taken from them without their Consent (in your day, with the consent of Congress you are over-burdened), is appropriated for the Maintenance of a Governor and agencies at the Discretion of one in the Kingdom of Great Britain (in the modern US, the President,) upon whom he absolutely depends for his Support. If this be not a Tyranny I am at a Loss to conceive what a Tyranny is. The House of Representatives did a few days since, grant the Govr the usual Sum for his Support and it is expected that this Matter will be made certain upon his refusal of it. The Govr of New York was explicit at the late Session of their Assembly, upon the like Occasion: But I confess I should not be surprisd if our good Govr, should accept the Grant & discount it out of what he is to receive out of the Kings Chest; thinking it will be conceivd by the Minister as highly meritorious in him, in thus artfully concealing his Independency (for the Apprehension of it is alarming to the people) & saving 1000 Pounds sterling of the revenue at the same time. –> (I hope that you moderns understand what corruption is being discussed here.  This would be similar to the issue in 2013 where an agent of the President (HHS Secretary) seeks, almost demands money’s, from private citizens and businesses to fund government activities when in fact there had already been some funding appropriated.  To the larger extent, our issue in my day was that the House of Representatives ensured that the officials in America were paid as per our original Charters of Self-governance, so that those officials in office would be beholding of the Citizenry.  Whereas, when the crown began to appoint the Govnr and the other bureaucrats, our Charters were being obviated.  Worse, when the crown via the Parliament began to pay these positions, including judges, directly; then they became beholden to their purchasers in England instead of having an attachment to the Liberties of the People. My original letter continues:

While the Representative Body of the people is thus renderd a mere Name, it is . . . considerd that the other Branch of the Legislative tho annually elective, is at the same time subject to the Governors Negative (veto): A Consideration which I doubt not has its full Weight in the minds of some of them at least, whenever any Matter comes before them which they can possibly think will affect the Measures of Administration. You will easily conjecture how far this may tend to annihilate that Branch or produce Effects more fatal. -> (In effect, this is what your modern Senate has become since the ratification of the 17th Amendment: A limited branch of government or the pawn of the administration if the majority is of the same party persuasion. You do not have the balance of legislature as the architects of the Constitution intended.  You have lost a primary means of the States to guard against a runaway administration!) continuing with my original thoughts:

It seems then that we are in effect to be under the absolute Governm’ of one Man – ostensively the Governor of the province (the modern states for the most part have lost their sovereignty due to the 17th Amendment and the strings attached to the federal dollars they take.) but in Reality some other person residing in Great Britain (and in your modern times, he who resides in DC, and that the Congress has granted the Administrative branch powers and authority it never should have had.  In essence establishing the expectations of the people to a one-man responsibility to rule.), whose Instructions the Govr must punctually observe upon pain of forfeiting his place (the federal dollars). So that any little advantage that might now & then arise from his happening to form Connections with wise Men in the province are totally lost. As Matters are now circumstanced he must associate with (all the federal agencies and bureaucrats that were called:) Pensioners, Commissioners of the Customs Officers of the Army & Navy, Tools Sycophants &c who together with him are to make such representations as to them shall seem meet, & joyntly if Occasion shall require it, execute such Orders as they shall from time to time receive. Such is to be the happy Government of free British Subjects in America. I will however do Govr Hutchinson the Justice to say that tho he may [iv], yet he has a very natural Connection with some of the principal Gentlemen Inhabitants of the province for his Excellencys own Brother is a Justice of the Superior Court, & also a Judge of the probate of Wills & he has also a Brother by marriage upon the same superior Bench. Moreover the Lt Govr is his Brother by marriage who has an own Brother & a Brother by marriage who are justices of the Superior Court. As these Gentlemen are Natives of the province it is hoped the Channells of Justice will remain unpolluted notwithstanding his Excellencys other Connections.

The Modern Application and Conclusion:  There has always been corruption in government and to the extent that Great Britain was suffering the debauchery of immoral men on the throne and his agents in Parliament, the actions of rejecting the original Charters of self-governance for the Colonies and establishing rule through a non-representative group only loyal to the king.  The correlation to the U. S. at the beginning of the 21st Century and the majority of the early 1700’s in America is uncanny.  The moral substance was at a low in the Colonies until the Preaching of the First Great Awakening moved the people to understand personal responsibility and reignited the desire for moral self-governance extended into the leadership.  Nepotism was rampant but the hope always was that those born in America and holding various positions of authority would be true to the principles of those that settled the Colonies in the 1600’s.

Such is true in modern times, that the hope that those who are Natural Citizens and elected to office would hold true to the principles of those that set the United States onto the world scene as an independent sovereign nation.  And so in modern times there is also the plans of statists via many affronts, especially from international treaties initiated in the United Nations that are destroying the sovereignty of the individual, community, states and nation. So too as in the 1700, the people are lulled by the jumble of patronizing politicians and distractions including frivolity, and sadly those that are maintaining the substance of life for their families have little time to engage in the activities for the soul of their Liberties.

As Sam Adams pressed into the hearts and minds of the Citizens in the 1700’s, It is only through individuals understanding personal responsibility through a moral guide established on Reformed Religion, that Liberty can be clearly understood.  And in the case of this letter, the corruption in government is at hand and only through the actions of the Citizenry can it be made to reflect the Liberty that the Founders set into motion.

[i] Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.

[ii] On January 10, 1771, Lee wrote to Adams: Our friend Mr. Sayre has done me the favour of communicating to me your very obliging invitation to a correspondence.”-R. H. Lee, Life of Arthur Lee, vol. i., p. 249.

[iii] See Vol. I., pages 79, 83.

[iv] At this point the words “mar a State of Absolute Independency in both Houses of Assembly” are erased in the draft.  Pages 76 – 78      4/16/11 11:41 AM




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