Absolute Debauched Insolence of the Modern Daughters of the Revolution

This revision of history that posterity is executing is a debauchery and insult to the great women and families of the American Revolution!  To remove any reference to King Jesus and Christianity is an affront to the coalescing Faith that is historic to our Foundations from the Landing at Plymouth through the First Great Awakening that bought the people together to stand against Tyranny.

My mother was a great woman of Faith who inculcated to me the wonders of the Scriptures and love for the Savior.  Because of her and my staying true to my Puritan heritage I received the moniker of “The Last Puritan!”  My first wife was the daughter of Rev. Checkley.  She died at a young age on July 25, 1757.  She had a great Christian walk such that I noted in the Family Bible, “To her husband she was as sincere a friend as she was a faithful wife. Her exact economy in all her relative capacities, her kindred on his side as well as her own admire. She ran her Christian race with remarkable steadiness, and finished in triumph! She left two small children. God grant they may inherit her graces!” I remarried many years later and my second wife was too a woman of Faith and standing before our eternal King Jesus.

There were many other women of the Revolution who’s Christian Faith sustained families while the men were at war.  One such woman is my cousin John’s wife Abigail.  She, like my Elizabeth, held the family and all means together knowing that God’s Providence would have us prevail.

It is incomprehensible as to what you moderns have done to destroy the one and only unifying means by which a people can have Liberty and assurance of personal happiness.  God help you for the intolerance that you have for the Creator God!  May His judgements rest lighter on your heads than the ills that Israel suffered for rejecting Him for He is a jealous God who requires His creation to know that He does act in history through His Providence as He pleases.

How dare you Daughters of the Revolution denounce and disparage the King of the universe who gave this nation Liberty in and through Jesus.  Your shame will find you out.

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  1. My chapter regent sent an email to all members that this is not true.

    • Dear Karla,
      Here is a Fox Response to the denials DAR and a great Patriots Analysis:
      I agree with Tom H in that our Christian Founders staying the course and involved in the political, economic and cultural process Made the difference against Tyranny. We must stand against revisionist so that Posterity will know Truth and have a God defined moral guide.

      First, A Patriots Analysis: Tom H. Researched:
      If you download RM-2008.PDF and RM-2011.PDF [from http://members.dar.org/publ_forms/?List=Rit_and_Miss%5D and use FIND to search for JESUS, it looks like a dozen or more references have been removed. There seem to many claims that this story is false. My analysis indicates that it appears to be true when comparing these two documents. The press release by DAR on their homepage claims that “The above passage also addresses the last major falsehood: that the name of Christ has been totally removed from the Ritual and Missal. That simply is not the case.” This is a correct statement. They left one reference to Jesus on page 67 in RM-2011.pdf. It does appear they have completely removed Jesus’ name from within the wonderful collection of prayers. It disturbs me more however that Christians consider not joining or leaving on these grounds. The progressive agenda is to drive us away. This may or may not be the intent of those who brought this change forward. We must learn our history and our laws and understand our right to freedom of association under the 1st Amendment. I submit Christians remain engaged and stand strong together. The Framers of the Constitution forbade the Congress to make any law respecting the establishment of religion, thus leaving the states free to do so (as several of them did). It seems very clear from their writings that they did not wish to have a state church established, nor to have any particular religion favored by government. They wanted religion to be free to make it on it’s own way, but neither did they intend to have “irreligion” made into a favored state church. An organized effort by members of this organization to restore the prayers to include the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ seems a worthwhile effort to accomplish this goal and bless Him in the process. Many new friends will certainly be made in the process. Respectfully.

      The Fox Todd Starnes Reply: http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/patriotic-group-told-to-stop-praying-in-jesus-name.html

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